Bayley property services and other businesses featured in The Chronicle newspaper!

This week Bayley property services has been featured in the Chronicle newspaper with other local Burntwood businesses. We are members of a Burntwood based networking club called Inbusiness networking. The primary goal of the club is to provide recommended quality services to the people of Burntwood and surrounding areas.  We only allow trusted local businesses to become members and there is only one vacancy per trade or industry so it is very exclusive. We are all established businesses well known in the area such as Groves & Co accountants, Inlife web design, FIVE computing and Burntwood rugby club.

Bayley property services is proud to be the company representing the club for the home improvement sector. We are always looking for new members to help grow the club!

We are currently after motor mechanics, hair dressers, beauticians, architects, solicitors, structural engineers, landlords, estate agents, car valeters, cake makers and driving instructors to join the group.

Bayley property services featured in Burntwood newspaper


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