Decoration and Reconstruction

One of our specialties is delivering high-quality, versatile services at a reasonable price and turning ordinary living spaces into more functional and more visually appealing ones. Our most recent project in Lichfield, Staffordshire, included a reconstruction and decoration as reflected in the removal of the old roof, raising the walls, installing new windows and inserting a decorative arch as an opening to the living room. Both the functionality and the aesthetics of this particular living space were increased and our costumer, much like our dedicated team, was very pleased with the outcome.

After visiting the site, our team developed a comprehensive timeline for the project, which started with the removal of the old roof, as illustrated bellow.

old roof

Seeing as the roof was rather old and damaged, our team had to remove it and install timber roof joints. Moreover, we raised the walls and built a parapet wall finished with coping stones, lead and white upvc cladding.

3 4.33.53 PM

After guttering and the installment of the new facias to ensure the durability of the upper construction of the house, our next task was to install two new Velux roof windows.

velux windows

When that was finished, our client asked for an installment of a decorative arch which would open up the living room.


The inside was plastered completely and the arch was created in the place of the old door, thus creating more space and making the whole room look more open and warm.


Additionally, we decided to fit led down lights to the ceiling together with new power sockets. This ensured better lighting in the room and improved its usability.

power sockets

Finally, we finished off the walls with the new skirting-boards and a new window board.

9 copy

Needless is to say, the living space was transformed.




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