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Wood flooring is popular in many homes and commercial properties across the UK. Real wood flooring (also known as ‘solid wood flooring’) can last up to 50 years, but this will depend on two factors. The quality of the wood and the quality of the fitting. Should you decide to hire a contractor to fit the floor, you can rest assured that fitting will be done professionally (contact Bayley Property for a quote), however if you decide to fit the floor yourself, make sure you avoid the following mistakes:

1. Fitting over under-floor heating – While there are several types of wood flooring that can cope with under-floor heating, the vast majority won’t. If you decide to fit the floor over under-floor heating double check with the flooring manufacturer before you fit the floor.

2. Fitting over humid sub-floor – The most common type of humid sub-floor is concrete that was not allowed to dry. This will cause the wood to expand and bend.

3. Fitting in high humidity areas – Generally, wood and humid conditions will not mix well. You should avoid fitting wood flooring in areas of high humidity such as basements or if your property is situated near a source of humidity (water stream, river etc) consider fitting engineered wood flooring that are less likely to expand in such conditions.

4. Fitting the floor too close to walls – Wood is a natural material that will expand in hot conditions and shrink in cold conditions. Fitting the floor without leaving enough gaps can damage the floor. This gap should be measured at 1cm to 2cm at most.

Of course, you can save yourself a headache by hiring a professional fitter…

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