How to remove paint from floor tiles!!

HELP ME GUYS – ok so I tried to paint my floor tiles in my bathroom yesterday. All was well until I had a shower this morning. It’s started to chip and flake off! DISASTER!

What should I use to remove the paint from the tiles? I’m just going to leave them in their natural state (if I can)

I look forward to your expert help :)

Ydalstonsuperstar -20th Feb, 2011 Painting & Decorating
Hi what kind of floor tiles are they ceramic, porcelain etc depending on what they are depends on what you can use on them, If the paint is coming off quite easily id suggest just try using some warm soapy water and a sponge with a scouring pad on the back to start with.
If that doesnt work try some Nitromors paint remover but id recommend reading the tin first !
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