Property refurbishment in Cannock

It’s been a while since we posted. We have been really busy doing a lot of work on this property in Cannock. The transformation is amazing!

We converted a utility room into a shower room, moved the washing machine from there into the kitchen. This involved altering some cabinets and pipework, we fitted some new down lights, a cooker and cooker hood in the kitchen. To finish the kitchen off we sanded some solid oak worktops down and then reoiled them to bring them back to life.

The shower room housed the boiler so we moved the electrics out of the room to meet building regs and fitted a cupboard around it so it didn’t stand out like a sore thumb!. We fitted an electric shower with a quadrant shower enclosure, toilet and vanity unit.

Whilst the shower room was being fitted we also managed to paint the outside of the house. It now looks completely different and looks so much better now the brickwork has been repointed and outside light fitted.

We insulated the loft space to bring it upto spec which was drastically needed.

Finally we moved onto the upstairs bathroom which was completely refurbed. A p shaped bath was fitted and a thermostatic mixer shower, vanity unit and mirror cabinet with led luminaire.

The result is now a property which looks fresh, modern and fit for purpose for a busy family.

These kind of projects are exactly what we are geared up for. Multi disciplines such as electrics, plumbing, carpentry, tiling, plastering and decorating all completed by us.

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