Wall Decoration

Wall decoration is one of those things that is perceived to be a DIY (do it yourself). And while most of us can, in fact, learn to paint the walls ourselves, wall decoration is best done by a professional. By using quality paints, materials and tools, combined with years of experience and skill, you get a quality finish every time. Not to mention the mess that is inevitable in DIY decoration instances which, in our case, is drastically reduced so that you can relax while we transform your living space.

Our last project in Lichfield, Staffordshire included a decoration of the kitchen, dining room, porch and hallway. From the original lime green, we transformed the kitchen into a neutral cream.


Additionally, we transformed the dining room from a cold, bright colour to a nice warm colour.

dining room PUT

 Similarly, we brightened up the hallway by adding a high-quality finish to it.


Lastly, we added new light fittings in the kitchen, dining-room and hallway, which created a nice, warm ambient.

Check out or decorating page to learn more about our services.For more information pertaining to lighting, take a look at the electrical page.

To find inspiration for your next big project, check out this video.

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