Whats the best way to prepare an area for concreting ?


I want to put a large shed up in my back garden, I want to lay a concrete slab to put it on but need to so as much of the work myself as I can to keep costs down but just want to make sure I do it right. thanks




You will need to dig down about 250mm. Then lay 100mm of mot stone (hardcore) and use a whacker plate to compress it. I personally would lay between 25 to 50mm of blinding sand, compress with the plate and then a damp proof membrane (depending on what the shed is going to be used for as dpm isnt essential for a shed). You will need to construct a timber shuttering frame to lay your concrete into. Pour into the frame 100mm of concrete and tamp or trowel level to top of frame, once this has set remove the outer frame.

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